Recruitment International releases Top 500 largest UK recruitment companies

Recruitment-International-Logo-smallArrows Group was recently ranked 93rd in Recruitment International’s inaugural report on the largest 500 recruitment companies based on their UK turnover. With revenues of £62m based on UK sales, the company improves on last year’s position of 136 and award for Most Admired company, continuing an impressive run of growth that shows no sign of abating. Arrows Group joins the top 100 recruitment companies representing £23.1bn revenue (up from £21.6bn last year).

Adrian Treacy, COO, comments, “On behalf of all our Arrows Group and ICG Medical staff, I’m proud to have been included again in Recruitment International’s list of top UK companies. We have grown our UK business by 68% and have a record number of contractors and temps out on assignment. We are privileged to work with some great clients in dynamic sectors, and we’re all excited about where this will take the company in the next few years.

The future for Arrows Group is very exciting as we focus on our stated vision to become a genuine total workforce solutions provider with a global capability. I’m also looking forward to launching our charitable foundation in coming months, opening a new chapter for the company as we broaden our role in society.”