Building tomorrow’s teams with FutureScale™ talent

About Portaltech Reply

Portaltech Reply, an industry leader in e-commerce platform implementation, offers an end-to-end set of products and services for multi-channel commerce. They are behind the multi-channel successes of brands such as Iceland, Costco, Sony, The Body Shop and EasyJet. Specialising in Hybris technology, the world’s top-rated e-commerce software, Portaltech Reply is the only Platinum Elite Partner for Hybris implementation around the globe.

Resource Intensive Software

Portaltech Reply is the only Platinum Elite Partner for Hybris, the most advanced ecommerce solution on the market…but also resource-intensive.

Skills Scarcity & Shortage

Delivered 16 OneDay™ sessions to hire over 25 Hybris developers from the UK, EU, and around the world to meet short-term workforce requirements.

Project-Ready Individuals

Hired 10 FutureScalers™ with 6-18 months commercial Java programming experience to give Portaltech Reply their own Hybris talent pool.

Full HR Support

Integrated CareCon™ to support the cross-trained FutureScalers™ with monthly assessments before Portaltech Reply take them on permanently.

The challenge

Having specialised in Hybris software since 2007, Portaltech Reply has built their brand around their world-leading expertise in this area. Recognised as the most advanced e-commerce solution on the market, Hybris is a resource-intensive enterprise-level technology which requires a large technical team with specialist knowledge.

The growing importance of multi-channel retailing has led to a huge demand for the company’s unique Hybris services. Implementing the global, enterprise-level projects put large strains on Portaltech Reply’s resources. The company found themselves with a high weighting towards senior talent, whose experience and capability in an area of severe talent shortages increasingly made their workforce costs unsustainable.

Recognising that their business had become more top-heavy than they would like, Portaltech Reply wanted to build out the base of their organisational pyramid to bring in the next generation of talent and ensure their Hybris capability is sustainable. Creating their own high quality talent pipeline by introducing a graduate scheme was a potential solution, but the company recognised that the time burden of training new employees would be untenable.


Arrows Group Global suggested a range of solutions to meet both the short and longer term challenges faced by Portaltech Reply. The team set themselves the task of securing highly competent Hybris professionals as rapidly as possible in order to meet the pressing need within the client’s business. Using their unique OneDay™ solution to streamline the selection process, Arrows Group were able to attract top Hybris talent from around the globe.

However, to deliver the sustainable growth Portaltech Reply were looking for in the longer term, Arrows Group advised that the company needed a strategy to reduce dependence on contingent workers and develop a pipeline of permanent staff. Implementing their FutureScale™ solution, Arrows Group were able to cross-train a skilled team who could work closely with existing Portaltech Reply employees and slot straight into existing client projects.

FutureScale™ identifies digital professionals with an average of 6-18 months commercial experience – in this case Java programing – presenting them to Portaltech Reply for selection. Employed on Arrows Group’s payroll for the first 6-12 months, the selected individuals benefit from an intensive, accredited training programme delivered by SAP. Delivering these project-ready individuals onsite to Portaltech Reply, Arrows Group maintains responsibility for reviewing progress until the company chooses whether to take on the FutureScalers™ as permanent hires.


  • Arrows Group Global initially delivered 16 OneDay™ sessions, which brought in the necessary Hybris talent from the UK, EU and around the world. Approximately 25 attendees were hired to meet the short term workforce requirements of the company.
  • Helping Portaltech Reply to meet their ambitious future growth plans, Arrows Group implemented the FutureScale™ solution, running four more OneDay™ sessions to deliver talent for the programme. This gave Portaltech Reply a long term strategy backed up by Arrows Group’s experience in planning lasting workforce solutions.
  • Groups of 10 FutureScalers™, each with existing commercial experience, pass through the programme at a time, giving Portaltech Reply their very own Hybris talent pool. With end-to-end HR support and monthly assessment provided by Arrows Group’s CareCon™ team, key Portaltech Reply stakeholders were able to focus on delivering excellence in all their projects.


We have a unique proposition in the e-commerce market, but in sustaining our Premium Elite Hybris partnership, we have ended up with a skewed workforce. We have a great team, full of ‘rockstar’ talent who make us standout. But we can’t rely on these people forever, and so urgently needed to start building out the base of our organisation. “FutureScale™ offers us greater flexibility in meeting the demand for skills and gives us great confidence for the future, giving us exclusive access to a whole new talent pool. Arrows Group have truly provided an end-to-end solution; without their work we would simply not have the bandwidth to secure this skills pipeline.

Partner, Portaltech Reply