Building a digital start-up from scratch

About R3Pi

Solera Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of risk and asset management software and services to the automotive and property marketplace, as well as the global property & casualty insurance industry. Solera is expanding beyond our global-leading position in automotive insurance claims processing and mechanical repair to bring data driven productivity and decision support solutions to other aspects of vehicle ownership.

R3Pi is the innovation execution team within Solera (working as if in a greenfield startup environment) building innovative products, building software incrementally, iteratively, and continuously. R3Pi seeks ‘Uncommon’ and elite individuals who are prepared to push and challenge themselves each day to do it right, better and different, and want to work in a collaborative team environment where accountability is demanding and rewarding.

Greenfield Startup

R3Pi had no brand history or existing technical capability it could draw from within its parent company – Solera – to execute its innovation aspirations

Hard to be Transparent

Challenged to attract and hire ‘uncommon’ talent to spearhead new products with no product to showcase and strict NDAs to protect intellectual property

Workforce Design

Guidance on type and timing of skillsets needed to build a product team including international acquisition and cultural integration

Rapid and Collaborative

12 OneDays™ to assemble a fully-functional team with rapid turnarounds for contractor and permanent “high octane” talent without compromising on standards

The challenge

R3Pi was a brand new start up project, a fact that posed both business risk and opportunities for the new company. They did not have the technical capability in the existing Solera companies, so it was decided that a brand new team had to be assembled from scratch to become the elite rapid innovation team it is known as now.

With no brand history in R3Pi itself, and a strict NDA in place covering the proposition pre-launch, they were challenged with being able to attract and gain commitment from candidates. The potential of the firm was the main proposition for their candidates to go on, and Solera’s reputation. With this is mind, R3Pi was concerned that it would be difficult to convert contract hires to full time employees. Adding to this difficulty was the fact that NDA agreements made it hard to be as transparent to candidates as they would be normally, but R3Pi still wanted to ensure that they could identify, attract, and empower “high-octane” talent to spearhead new projects with no product to showcase.

R3Pi was determined to get their innovations to market as quickly as possible in order to compete with industry rivals. They needed to recruit a broad spectrum of skills, encompassing roles ranging from Engineers through to Head of Product. Building an entire start up team from nothing, R3Pi needed a fuller understanding of which skillsets they would need and when.


Arrows Group Global took a consultative approach in order to help R3Pi understand what skills it would need to get the start up off the ground and ready to deliver their innovative product offering. Building a team from scratch, R3Pi needed guidance on which skillsets were needed and when. In collaboration with Solera, Arrows Group’s workforce forecasting, planning and skills availability expertise enabled them to design R3Pi’s entire team and create clear timelines for talent delivery.

Arrows Group’s international candidate acquisition team allowed R3Pi to access individuals that were currently working in Europe and attract them to the UK. In addition, the use of Arrows Group OneDay™ solution which streamlines the interviewing process into a single candidate assessment day, was instrumental in giving candidates the positive and structured experience in order for them to accept the role.


  • Delivering a series of OneDay™ events, Arrows Group was able to fulfil the rapid staffing needs of R3Pi, building an entire start up at speed.
  • In all, 12 OneDay™ sessions were carried out with a major focus on keeping up the standard of these events after the 5th or 6th iteration. Contracts were delivered rapidly: a 5-day turnaround was achieved for contractors and a 10-day turnaround was achieved for permanent staff.
  • Arrows Group Global assembled a fully functional digital workforce for a client that needed to be operational as quickly as possible in order to bring its product to market. Through the success of this project, Arrows Group have a continuing relationship with R3Pi and are working to deliver digital teams on an international scale.
  • R3Pi now have a team at the forefront of a disruptive product in a very exciting business, with great offices, and a real sense of working on something unique.