Building global teams using OneDay™

About Solera

With a mission to bring digital technologies to automotive services, Solera has grown from humble beginnings in a garage, to a company with global scope and ambitions. Operating in 75 countries and serving over 180,000 customers worldwide, the company has achieved rapid growth through a number of acquisitions, broadening its product offering to insurers, dealers, manufacturers and consumers.

Rapid Global Growth

Multiple acquisitions drove the desire to consolidate locations, relocate HQs, build digital hubs – at a fast pace.

Hiring in 5 Countries

Solera rolled out Arrows Group’s OneDay™ product to help find and hire digital talent in difficult markets.

Scaling at Pace

Arrows Group held 34 ONEDAYS™, achieved the desired 1 in 2 hiring ratio, and helped one hub grow from 0 to 20 people in just 3 months.

Leadership Framework

Arrows Group’s strategic workforce planning contributed to the creation of a new senior leadership team better placed to react to the market.

The challenge

Solera’s fast-growth, achieved through multiple acquisitions, had created a decentralised business lacking some of the central functions typically found in organisations that have grown organically to the same size. The company wanted to consolidate their locations, relocating to a number of new HQs, and at the same time needed to launch and monetise a number of new products developed following their acquisitions.

Solera faced a number of problems in forming fresh teams in new locations. Moving to completely new locations such as Zurich and Madrid, Solera had very little infrastructure to support the process of securing the digital talent they urgently needed.

Some of these locations present huge challenges when sourcing candidates, as the talent pools were small and the demand was high. The pressure on Solera’s senior teams to focus on products and processes meant that they had little bandwidth for finding digital talent in these difficult markets.

With the need to scale teams quickly despite the decentralised business model, Solera needed an experienced partner capable of building an integrated strategy to secure a talent pipeline across multiple geographies.


Arrows Group Global were brought in as a consultancy, due to their expertise in building digital teams across geographies and their ability to deploy a scalable managed workforce framework. Initially this was to build Solera’s digital research and development start-up in in London – R3Pi – in which Arrows Group showcased their OneDay™ service.

Arrows Group’s OneDay™ service brings carefully screened candidates together for a single selection day to drive efficiency and benchmarking in the recruitment process. In addition, it relieved the time pressure of a traditional recruitment process for Solera’s stakeholders, enabling them to build teams quickly in a focussed and managed process.

This framework was rolled out across five different countries within the Solera Group. Arrows Group Global have been able to shape a unified workforce strategy for Solera whilst driving innovation and agility in to the process in order to build the teams they need within the local territorial constraints.


  • Arrows Group Global has run more than 34 OneDay™ sessions for Solera. Their strategic understanding of the company’s requirements has led Solera to hire 1 in 2 candidates presented at each session.
  • Solera has therefore been able to scale their digital teams quickly and efficiently – in Zurich, Solera’s digital team grew from zero to 20 people in just 3 months, many brought in from other locations such as Italy to expand on the small local talent pool available.
  • Arrows Group Global has built a senior leadership team in Solera’s new Madrid HQ, and will continue to support Solera as they create teams for each of these leaders. Beyond their success in building these teams, Solera now rely on the insights Arrows Group Global provide into workforce strategy, consulting on issues such as where to source and locate talent most effectively. The creation of a leadership framework in Solera’s new consolidated headquarters has allowed Solera to plan their next steps, better equipping them to react to the marketplace of tomorrow.


As an experienced digital professional, I’ve been through many application processes, and have certainly reached a point where the ease and efficiency of the process has a big impact on my willingness to accept a job offer. I have to say that the OneDay™ created a completely new experience, and the impression it gave me of the organisation played a big part in convincing me that Solera was the place I wanted to work. Despite the competing offers I received from other brands, Solera stood out.