Data Protection

Information collection and use

By the signing or acceptance of the Registration Contract with Arrows Group Global Limited, you have agreed to your details being entered onto the company database for consideration of any vacancies that may be suitable to your skills and experience. If you do not require to be considered for other vacancies than that of which you have applied for please contact Arrows Group. The personal information held in our records will be your: Name, Address, Date of birth, Telephone numbers, Email addresses, an Electronic copy of your CV, bank details, EAA forms, and any criminal convictions. We will also hold copies of your passport/driving licence, training records, licences and any other documentation that is required under the Employment Agency Act 2004 (EAA).

Once registered other information that can be added to the database may include: written summaries of conversations made to Arrows Group Global Limited in connection to finding you a suitable assignment, interview notes, or training records. Any written correspondence from you will be electronically added to your record, and if the correspondence has a signature a hard copy will be kept.

On the appointment of an assignment the additional information held on the company database will be: References, Appraisals, Bank Details, Rates of pay and all details of the assignment. Your assignment details will remain on the database and in payroll for a minimum of 10 (ten) years.

If the company is required to hold sensitive information on you, you will be contacted and advised of the information required and asked to sign a consent form. If you have added this information onto an application form you will have signed the consent at the bottom of that form.

If Arrows Group Global Limited has not placed you within an assignment for 12 months you will be contacted in writing asking if you wish to remain on the database, by replying and sending in an updated CV your data will remain on Arrows Group Global Limited’s database for at least another 12 months. In not replying your details will be deleted from the database.

Arrows Group Global Limited is the sole owner of all the information collected via application for registration. We will not sell, or share, or rent information to others in ways that differ from that disclosed in this disclaimer.

Sharing of information

Personal and sensitive information may be shared with clients where the information is required for security clearance, issues, and passes. The sharing of any information will only take place if you have signed a disclaimer giving Arrows Group Global Limited permission to disclose your personal and / or sensitive information except;

Where you have applied to work with a specified client within a specified location and Arrows Group Global Limited no longer supplies to that specified client at that location. Arrows Group Global Limited can transfer your details to the supplier of that specified client to allow that supplier to carry on the work finding services for you. In this instance you will be notified in writing of the change in data.

Further information or any queries relating to the sharing of information please contact Arrows Group at, or call +44 (0)207 803 1700.

Accessing and removal of personal information

You have the right to request a copy of the information held by Arrows Group Global Limited about you on its database in return for the payment of a small fee. If the data Arrows Group Global Limited has is inaccurate, you may have such data corrected or erased. All requests for copies of information should be sent to Arrows Group at, or call +44 (0)207 803 1700.

Accuracy of your registration and updated information

You are responsible for ensuring that any information you provide to Arrows Group Global Limited, including your CV, is accurate, complete and your own. Arrows Group Global Limited is entitled, forthwith and without notice, to remove from the internal computer system any such information found to be false, inaccurate, incomplete, or not your own. If you update your information, either by the website or directly to Arrows Group Global Limited, the new information will replace the old registration information we have stored on Arrows Group Global Limited’s database.

We would appreciate it if you would update your registration details and CV whenever your details change. We are reliant on you supplying us with a factually accurate and complete picture of you, your experience, and requirements.

Automated decision making

Occasionally your CV will be selected by an automated system using your CV to highlight skills that will be put forward to one or more of our clients; you will always be contacted prior to your CV being passed to our client. If you wish to receive further information contact the Arrows Group in writing or email.

Data Protection Act (1998)

Once you have signed or accepted the Registration contract, your CV and the information given in the registration pack will be stored on Arrows Group Global Limited’s database. Arrows Group Global Limited will enter information contained in your CV to create a record about you on our database. Arrows Group Global Limited may add to the information obtained from your CV with written or verbal information taken directly from you. The only information that will be added to the record about you on Arrows Group Global Limited’s database will be information that is considered necessary or helpful and is intended to assist in the recruitment process.

Arrows Group Global Limited will not send your CV to organisations with vacancies for which you may be appropriate without your express consent. However, Arrows Group Global Limited may send a profile of your skills and experience to organisations selected by Arrows Group Global Limited. The profile would be created from your CV and other written or verbal information you have provided, but would not have any identifying information about you such as your name, contact details or the names of your previous employers. Arrows Group Global Limited understands that if you have a rare skill, it may be possible to identify you even without the identifying information mentioned above.

If you do not want Arrows Group Global Limited to send your profile out to prospective employers or wish to request the removal of your record from Arrows Group Global Limited’s database please contact Arrows Group at, or or call +44 (0)207 803 1700.

Arrows Group Limited Privacy Policy

Arrows Group Global Limited is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). Arrows Group Global Limited collects, uses, and disseminates the personal information you provide to us only in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined in this disclaimer. If Arrows Group Global Limited transfers your personal information to offices outside the European Economic Area or to other authorised third parties, Arrows Group Global Limited will ensure that the recipient applies the same levels of protection, as Arrows Group Global Limited is required to apply to your personal information under United Kingdom data protection legislation.

By accessing the website and registering information or sending in your CV to Arrows Group Global Limited, you consent to Arrows Group Global Limited collecting and processing personal information in the manner set out in this statement

Either Arrows Group Global Limited or third parties, such as independent auditors, may access some or parts of your registration information.


Arrows Group Global Limited takes every precaution to protect your information. Access to your ‘personal information, is restricted within Arrows Group Global Limited. Only employees who require information to perform a specific assignment may be granted access to this information. The servers, on which Arrows Group Global Limited store personally identifiable information, are kept in a secure environment.


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