IndiaThe world is turning into a global village, and organisations across sectors have had a major role to play in the process. As organisations expand their operations globally, their talent acquisition mechanisms face geographical constraints.

With this agenda on the table, Arrows Group in collaboration with People Matters Media in India, organized a roundtable on “Reinventing Resourcing for a Global Game” on 11th June, 2015. The event held at Westin Hotel Gurgaon saw the participation of over 20 professionals from across sectors.

Mike Jones, Managing Director, Arrows Group commenced the discussion sharing challenges faced at Logica (now CGI) as Global Head of Resourcing, including high expenditure on recruiting procedures, lack of synergy among Human Resources across countries, over-dependence on recruiting companies, maintaining a talent pool, perception of organisations from different demographics, and geographic constraints.

There are many facets to the problems surrounding talent acquisition and recruiting as organisations go global, and brought to the floor by the attendees.

As pointed out by Naveen Narayan, Global Operations Director, Arrows Group, there is a huge skills mismatch and time constraints make the task even more difficult. Citing recent research, he said, “The global GDP would increase by 2.5-3 trillion dollars if skills matched jobs.” Matchmaking is made difficult by the short timelines presented to Human Resources by business heads; with quick client demands comes compressed timelines.

Clearly, the hold-up is between HR and Businesses. Representatives from both sides accepted this and voiced their concern, arguing the solution drawn was an increase in collaboration between HR and Businesses. While many expressed concern with the shortage of talent in India, there were few who believed that this shortage is a result of talent mis-match; cultural fit at times is not right, and at other times the problem arises due to a misfit in terms of the organization’s requirements.

Another problem when it comes to finding the right kind of talent is with organizational expectations. As was underscored in the discussion, few agreed that business needs to change expectations; almost all organizations look for ready-made candidates.  While this is a result of unprecedented business pressures, organizations should now work on long-term goals and hire candidates ahead of time. Organizations need to be open towards finding candidates with the required aptitude and then groomed internally to match organization’s requirements.

The importance of employer branding and culture as one of the most critical element in attracting the right talent was another highlight of the discussion. With regard to this, it is necessary to acknowledge the criticality of word-of-mouth in the age of social networks and work towards internal employer branding. Further, organization goals should also include scope for individual goals so that candidates can identify with the personal vision and mission, both of which act as drivers of employee engagement.