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Workforce of the Future

The Demands of the Fourth Industrial RevolutionThis year’s World Economic Forum in Davos included the Fourth Industrial Revolution as one of its primary themes in 2016. The Fourth Industrial Revolution centres on the blurring of lines between the physical and digital spheres. We are looking at a phenomenon that has the scope to disrupt production [...]

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Acquiring and Sustaining Digital Talent

Over the last fortnight, I read several news articles that were published in different media websites. If you piece them together, there are patterns to explore and lessons to learn.The Globe and Mail carried The Canadian Press article, “Banks face recruitment challenges as fintech startups snag talent”. The article noted, “While upstarts allow employees to [...]

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Digital Talent Acquisition

The Biggest Challenge in 2016A few years just before the turn of the century, the Internet started to level the playing field for enterprises big and small, old and new. In the last few years, the big four forces of social media, mobile, analytics and cloud (otherwise known as ‘SMAC’) have unleashed a complex game [...]

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How Do You Grow a Global Company?

LONDON, UK, April 29, 2015 — James Parsons, CEO of Arrows Group Global, reflects on his experiences since founding the company 12 years ago with Adrian Treacy (COO), and how they have grown Arrows Group to become a global provider of workforce solutions.James shares his early recruitment experiences prior to joining forces with Adrian to create [...]

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Data Scientists, or, what happens when big business catches up?

Depending on what industry and job type you work in -- and how much time you spend on the internet -- you may well be aware of a new technical role that’s emerged and grown quickly over the last couple of years (according to Google): that of data scientists. The exact scope varies -- Josh Wills’ [...]

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