World-class aftercare service for your contingent workforce

How much do you think a typical recruitment agency or IT Services company really cares about the contractors or consultants they deploy on your projects?

CareCon™ is Arrows Group’s aftercare service, managing all aspects of the contingent worker lifecycle from initial on-boarding to payroll and extension management, resulting in a community that is compliant and engaged.

Arrows Group believes in an alternative where both you and the contingent worker feel the benefits of a more engaged and compliant flexible workforce.

Our specialist CareCon™ team situated in Europe and Asia is available at all times to enable quick resolution of any issues concerning consultants.

The team adopts a personalised approach to each individual, with an assigned relationship managers meeting them regularly, and ensuring their performance is aligned to the success of your project/s. 

The result?

The CareCon™ team enables contractors to focus on the project you’ve assigned them, while we manage their contract extensions, redeployment, and any other distractions in the background.



Speak with one of our CareCon™ Relationship Consultants to learn more about our unique aftercare value proposition.