Agile hiring in a digital market

OneDay™ is perfect for when you need large or immediate teams, and building your digital workforce needs to be agile and enjoyable rather than the traditional waterfall process.

OneDay™ optimises the efficiency of your hiring process by condensing selection into a single day, underpinned with NLP principles to evaluate the candidate’s technical and cultural fit with your organisation.

Nothing is potentially more important than hiring.  Don’t join the race for CVs, and avoid the risks and consequences of panic hiring.

Control and enhance your employer brand

  • OneDay™ increases prospective employee buy-in by ensuring continuity and consistency in presenting your hiring proposition.
  • OneDay™ enhances your reputation as a ‘digital’ business offering a hiring process that is collaborative, challenging, and organised into well-controlled sprints.
  • Brand image is pivotal in maintaining candidate attraction and interest through the OneDay™ lifecycle.

Build your team quicker

  • The pace and precision of OneDay™ improves the likelihood of candidate acceptance.
  • Avoid mixed quality of candidates when dealing with multiple third parties.
  • The greater the number of OneDays™, the greater the relevance of the candidates and their cultural and technical fit.
Build your team quicker with OneDay™ from Arrows Group

The OneDay™ agile hiring process


Sign a clear Statement of Work with a simple fee structure based on exclusivity to kickstart candidate sourcing and synchronisation of your employee value proposition.

We provide a dedicated team for your OneDay™ including your delivery specialists and onsite support, so you can simply turn up and talk to great candidates.

Your dedicated single point of contact will co-ordinate all your local and international hires.


Global scouts source our talent communities for the right talent, not just available talent.

Transparent workflow management for all stakeholders so you have full visibility of the candidates you will meet, with time to bespoke your interviewing questions.

Get time back as we take care of all candidate testing and scheduling.


OneDays™ are held at one of our digital hubs, helping reduce ‘context switch’, enabling your focus on making great hiring decisions.

Each OneDay™ typically delivers between 7-10 interviews with between 3-4 hire.

Because it’s easier to compare candidates in OneDay™, you can make quicker, better-informed decisions on the best fit for your team.


Using our knowledge of the digital talent market we’ll help you decide on the best candidates.

We work with you to ensure your processes sustain the dynamism of the OneDay™ so talent is not lost to faster-moving competition. 

Our onboarding team manage the candidates’ post-selection journeys and feedback in collaboration with your colleagues to maintain your perception as the company of choice.


Our customised workflow platform will generate the relevant metrics to evaluate the success of your OneDay™, including quantitative and qualitative data to improve subsequent OneDays™.

Ultimately you’ll sleep better knowing we’ve found a team that will deliver, give you a return on investment, and accelerate getting your product or service to market.

Case Study

Find out how OneDay™ helped Solera Group achieve a 1 in 2 hire rate, and grow a digital team in Zurich from 0 to 20 people in just 3 months.

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