Employer branding strategies for your hiring proposition

TalentMagnet™ helps build or promote your employer brand strategy, analysing the talent market’s perception of your brand, and conveying a hiring proposition that positively targets and influences the talent that you want to attract and retain.

Your brand perception as an employer in the skills market and how you compare to the competition is an obvious business priority.

As competition for the global skills market continues to intensify, an important part of Arrows Group’s role is maximising the EVP (employee value proposition) of our clients and improving your perception in the talent market.

TalentMagnet™ analyses your current hiring proposition, benchmarks it against competitors, and then advises on how to improve it.

The result?
If given a choice between you and another digital enterprise, more talent wants to join you.


Request an analysis of your hiring proposition and explore strategies with our practitioners to launch or sustain your EVP.